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Amped Wireless unveils its Premium Series, long range, High Power Wireless-N 600mW Router and High Power Wireless-N 600mW Repeater. Both deliver up to 10,000 Sq Ft of high speed Wi-Fi coverage for large homes and offices.

Chino Hills, CA – Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless communication products for the home and office, introduces the R10000 High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router and the SR10000 High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater today. Through the use of premium dual high power Wi-Fi 600mW amplifiers and dual high gain 5dBi antennas, the Premium Series products deliver up to 10,000 Sq Ft of Wi-Fi coverage.

“The recent explosion of mobile Wi-Fi users using iPads, smart phones and laptops has led to a growing demand for Wi-Fi connectivity in larger areas, such as backyards and conference rooms. The Amped Wireless Premium Series Router and Repeater are designed specially to solve this problem and provide extreme Wi-Fi coverage for homes, backyards, offices and more.” – CEO, Jason Owen.


R10000: High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router Learn More
A premium high power router that shares an existing broadband Internet connection and delivers up to 10,000 Sq Ft of high speed wireless access. It provides 4 wired ports for connecting additional wired network devices and includes Smart Features, such as, guest networks, adjustable Wi-Fi coverage controls, parental controls, website blocking and support for the latest Wi-Fi security to secure your Wi-Fi experience.

SR10000: High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater  Learn More
An ultra-powerful universal range extender that extends the range of any 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi network. The SR10000 repeats the signal from any wireless router, amplifies it and rebroadcasts the signal in a new “extended” location. Equipped with high power amplifiers and antennas, the SR10000 is capable of extending Wi-Fi networks by up to 10,000 Sq Ft. Five (5) wired ports provide connectivity for wired PCs, A/V devices and more. Smart Features keep the extended network secure.


Premium Series Key Features (R10000 and SR10000):

  • Dual High Power 600mW Amplifiers and Dual Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Dual High Gain 5dBi Detachable Omni-Directional Antennas
  • Wi-Fi Coverage up to 10,000 Sq Ft for Connecting Wireless PCs, Tablets, Smartphones and more
  • Smart Security Features – Website Blocking, Access Schedules and Wi-Fi Coverage Controls
  • Advanced User Interface for Configuring Advanced Features
  • Smart Setup Wizard for Automatic Configuration
  • Additional Wired Ports for Connecting PCs, TVs, Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles and more

The Amped Wireless Difference: High Power Technology
Amped Wireless Premium Series products features advanced Wi-Fi amplifiers to boost wireless reception and performance. Standard Wi-Fi devices feature a wireless output power of 50 milliwatts, while Amped Wireless Premium Series products boasts dual amplifiers with 600 milliwatts of output power. The boosted performance is then optimally tuned with dual high gain 5dBi antennas for maximum range and performance. (Typical Wi-Fi devices do not utilize wireless amplifiers and are equipped with antennas that have zero antenna gain.)


Pricing and Availability
The R10000 and the SR10000 have a retail price of $129.99. They can be purchased directly from the Amped Wireless Store and will be available nationwide at major retailers and online retailers over the next few weeks.

Range Increase Guarantee
The R10000 and SR10000 are eligible products for Amped Wireless’ Range Increase Guarantee Program. Find more information here:

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Amped Wireless' mission is to develop the highest quality, long range wireless products through experience, passion, innovation, and advanced technology that exceed customers' needs and expectations. Amped Wireless specializes in providing long range wireless consumer and business communication products for the home and office.

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