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Chino Hills, CA — Amped Wireless specializes in providing high power, long range wireless (WiFi and Cellular) consumer and business communication products for the home and office. The Amped Wireless High Power WiFi Signal Booster amplifies the signal strength of certified WiFi devices to deliver more wireless range and performance. Typical wireless routers, access points and adapters have wireless output powers of less than 50mW. The SB1000 replaces the antenna on a certified WiFi device to boost the signal strength from 50mW (typical) to a staggering 1000mW.

Amped Wireless Difference: High Power Technology

All Amped Wireless products feature high power amplifiers and high power antennas to increase overall range and performance from existing certified WiFi devices with detachable antennas. The SB1000 features the most powerful amplifier offered by Amped Wireless. At 1000mW, the High Power WiFi Signal Booster amplifies both receiving and transmitting power from certified WiFi devices. The high gain omni-directional antenna transmits the boosted signal in a 360 degree radius to cover you entire home or office with strong WiFi coverage.

Key Features

  • Boosts WiFi transmitting and receiving power from certified WiFi devices
  • 1000mW of Power. Get more range from your certified wireless network
  • Boosts WiFi range and speed in all directions
  • Plug and Play: Replaces the antenna on your certified WiFi device
  • Works with certified 802.11b/g/n WiFi devices  

Pricing and Availability

The SB1000 will have a MSRP of $89.99 and an estimated shelf price of $79.99. The SB1000 is available in select walk-in retailers, online retailers or direct from the Amped Wireless Online Store now.

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About Amped Wireless

Amped Wireless is not your typical wireless networking or cellular solutions company. Amped Wireless' mission is to develop the highest quality, long range wireless products through experience, passion, innovation and advanced technology that exceed customers' needs and expectations. Amped Wireless specializes in providing long range wireless (WiFi and cellular) consumer and business communication products for the home and office.

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Amped Wireless: Extending your Wireless Life   

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*Regulatory Message: Under FCC Regulations, the SB1000 may only be used with WiFi devices that have been certified for use with the SB1000 as a system. For more information on pre-certified devices please contact us as we continue to certify more devices with the SB1000.