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Add WiFi range or WiFi connectivity to your networked device. Networked devices include any device that connects to your home or office network, such as network cameras, network storages, media centers, print servers and other A/V networked devices.

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High Power 12dBi WiFi Antenna
  • Replaces the antenna on your networked WiFi device
  • Plug and play installation: Simply detach your existing antena and replace it with the
    High Power 12dBi WiFi Antenna
  • Increses WiFi range by up to 300%
  • Works with all 802.11b/g/n WiFi networked devices with detachable antennas
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How it Works:

  • Upgrading the Antenna for more Range
Smart Repeater Solution: For Devices without Wi-Fi or Detachable Antennas
High Power Wireless Smart Repeater
  • Extends the range of your WiFi networked
    devices by repeating the signal from your
    home/office network
  • Networked devices connect to your home or
    office network through the Smart Repeater
  • Adds WiFi connectivity for wired networked
    devices by providing 5 wired networking ports
  • Universal: Works with most WiFi routers
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Upgrade to the SR10000

  • Extend Wi-Fi coverage by
    up to 10,000 Sq Ft
  • Great for devices media devices
    requiring mobility such as
    A/V device or iPads
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How it Works: