Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter
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Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter (BTSA1)

Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter

Wirelessly Stream Audio to your Speaker System
from any Bluetooth-enabled Device

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Setup Guide Setup Guide (English) 11/5/2013
Setup Guide Setup Guide (French) 11/5/2013
Datasheet Datasheet 11/5/2013

The tips in this guide are listed in order of relevance. Try solution (a) before trying solution (b), etc.
  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and check that Bluetooth has been enabled on the device. Turn Bluetooth off and back on. Press
    the Connect button on the BTSA1 to make it discoverable. Locate the "Amped BTSA1" adapter from your device's Bluetooth device list. Tap/click it to connect.
  2. If the device does not connect, remove or "forget" the BTSA1 from your Bluetooth device. After you have removed the device, press the Connect button on the BTSA1 to pair the adapter to your Bluetooth device once again. Once it appears on your device list, tap/click it to connect to it.
  1. Check that your cables are connected to the speaker.
  2. Check that your speaker is on or powered.
  3. If your speakers have their own volume control, check that the volume is turned up.
  1. Each BTSA1 will have a unique ID number at the end of its name. This ID displays in the Bluetooth device list on your Bluetooth device. For example: Amped BTSA1 A12. You can use this ID to identify which BTSA1 to connect to.
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