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High Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster (SB10000)

High Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Boost the Range of your Certified* Wi-Fi Device

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Setup Guide Setup Guide 1/24/2011
Datasheet Datasheet 1/24/2011
Tips for Getting the Most out of your Signal Booster
The wireless pattern of the Signal Booster is shown below. Adjust the antenna placement, angle and direction until your wireless coverage is optimal for your specific installation. It is also important to note that wireless signals reflect off surfaces such as walls so that other areas may also be covered.
SB1000 Tip
Several household items may inhibit wireless performance. Avoid placing the Signal Booster near these items:
  • Refrigerators
  • Water (aquariums)
  • Microwaves
  • Washer and dryers
  • Metal (cabinets, walls, etc.)
  • Metallic tint (windows)
To achieve maximum range from a wireless connection between an access point and a wireless computer or device, both the access point and wireless device must have high power capabilities. Increasing the power for one side only provides 50% of the overall range benefits. To maximize your wireless range, upgrade the power for both sides of the connection with high power wireless adapters or Wi-Fi antennas.

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